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Certificate Program

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Students pursuing a concentration other than Classics may still demonstrate command of one of the classical languages and cultures by working toward a certificate in Greek Language and Culture or Roman Language and Culture. The requirements are:

  1. Three CLG or three LAT courses, one of which may be at the 200-level while the others must be at the 300-level.
  2. A piece of independent work. This can be satisfied in several ways: (a) by a substantial paper growing out of one of the courses taken to fulfill the certificate requirement (this will be in addition to the work required in the course); (b) by a substantial independent paper advised by a member of the Classics faculty; or (c) with the agreement of the home department and Classics DUS, by a piece of independent work that satisfies the requirements of both Classics and the home department. As a substitute for this requirement, students may take either an additional course in their language (CLG or LAT) at the 200- or 300-level or a CLA course focusing on the culture of their certificate program (Greek or Roman).

To qualify for the certificate program, students must file a written application with the Department of Classics before October 1 of their senior year.