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Summer Travel

The department of Classics offers research and travel grants, limited in number and amount, for summer study directly related to ancient Greece and Rome. Funding priority will be given to concentrators in the department of Classics, as well as to students who wish to study Greek and Latin over the summer at a program approved by the department, with the intention of continuing their study of the languages at Princeton. In most cases, students should seek more than one source of funding. All applications must be made through the SAFE portal , by May 31.*

* Applications for funding related to the senior thesis should be made to the Office of Undergraduate Research 

Study Abroad

Travel and study in the Mediterranean are an important part of the classical education experience. The department strongly encourages its students to participate in one of the many programs available. Many departmental students spend one term of junior year at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome. The center offers instruction in classical languages, presents lectures on ancient literature and history, and sponsors a series of trips to important museums and archaeological sites. Instruction is in English by American faculty members, and the curriculum is integrated with the Princeton undergraduate program. Equally valuable is the summer program at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. If you are thinking about studying abroad, explore your options here at the Office of International Programs .