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After thirteen years spent evading coyotes, bleaching cow bones, and eating cacti on the rugged frontiers of the American Southwest (two of which statements are true), I have now made a momentous return to New Jersey as a Pre-Doctoral Fellow pursuing my Ph.D. in Classics. I graduated magna cum laude from Hollins University in 2019 with B.A.’s in Classical Philology and Sociology, and a Certificate in Batten Leadership Studies. My thesis, Classical Complacency: Western uses of antiquity and its modern scholarship, used a critical sociological approach to analyze the efficacy of various tactics Classicists have used in the struggle to undermine white supremacists, misogynists, nazis, et al. who, by taking a noncritical perspective, receive validation from a variety of antiquities.

My research interests typically manifest in several broad-ranging yet overlapping fields—Greek literature and epigraphy, material culture and ancient archaeology, classical reception in pre-twentieth century America—and as such, I have chosen to follow the Program in the Ancient World track.

Extending into the twenty-first century, I am also interested in the decentralizing potentials of digital humanities projects such as Greek in the Wild: Inscriptions Explained and the First Thousand Years of Greek Project, both of which I had the pleasure to work on under the direction of Dr. Christina Salowey and Dr. Leonard Muller respectively.

I am always delighted to get to chat about my experiences within the Pre-Doctoral program and my experiences navigating academia as a first generation, WOC student so please do not hesitate to reach out via email with any questions.