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Pria Garcelle

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After thirteen years spent evading coyotes, bleaching cow bones, and eating cacti on the rugged frontiers of the American Southwest (two of which statements are true!), I made a momentous return to New Jersey as a member of Princeton’s first cohort of Pre-Doctoral Fellows in 2019. I am now a Ph.D. candidate in the Classics department on the Program in the Ancient World track. My dissertation investigates ancient textiles and their varied sociological roles in the archaic and classical periods of Greece.

Extending into the twenty-first century, I am also interested in the many potentials of digital humanities such as Greek in the Wild: Inscriptions Explained and the First Thousand Years of Greek Project, both of which I had the pleasure to work on under the respective directions of Dr. Christina Salowey and Dr. Leonard Muller. Additionally, I have been working for the past year on developing my own digital project which aims to teach ancient Greek using modern pedagogical methods through ancient inscriptions, which I see as providing a worthwhile entry point for students who wish to engage quickly and directly with the plethora of authors found in the material record.

Before Princeton, I graduated magna cum laude from Hollins University in 2019 with B.A.’s in Classical Philology and Sociology as well as a Certificate in Batten Leadership Studies. For those seeking advice, I am always delighted to chat with others about my experiences at Hollins, at Princeton, and/or about navigating academia more generally as a first generation WOC so please do not hesitate to reach out via email with any questions! For those seeking collaboration or conversation, I also welcome emails and inquiries. The best scholarship is always done by working together!