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Jay Houston

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I first came to Princeton in the fall of 2022 as a Pre-Doctoral Fellow, coming from Wake Forest University (2022, summa cum laude), where I received my B.A. in Classical Studies and Communication, with a concentration in Public Advocacy and a minor in Writing. I then entered the program as a doctoral student in the fall of 2023. 

I am primarily (but by no means exclusively) interested in Latin poetry of the Late Republic and early Empire, and especially the intersections between narrative, identity, rhetoric, and intertextuality found within. I am fascinated by instances of metatextuality, how these instances can inform our understanding and interpretation of ancient works, and the myriad ways in which authors negotiate and define their relationships with their texts, audiences, and contemporaries. Beyond Latin poetry, I am also interested in ancient drama (both Greek and Roman) as well as the areas of classical reception and pedagogy—especially the latter’s exclusionary history and (hopefully) inclusive future.

I am a creative writer in addition to my academic pursuits; my publications—which tend to utilize classical allusion and center questions of identity, tradition, and isolation—can be found in various locations online. As a black and nonbinary individual with a deep passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, I welcome anyone who is interested in applying to Princeton or pursuing a degree in Classics to reach out to me, especially those coming from marginalized or underrepresented backgrounds.”