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Jamie Wheeler

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Interested in Classics since childhood, I earned a BA in the University Scholars Program (Classics, Renaissance & Early Modern Studies, and German, summa cum laude) at Baylor University in 2019, receiving the F. Ray Wilson Award for Best Thesis in the Humanities. Thanks to the the Fulbright-University of York Postgraduate Award, I spent some time in York earning an MA in Renaissance Literature. Classics, however, remains my primary field, and I began my PhD studies at Princeton in 2020.


I am interested in Latin literature, especially poetry. My MA thesis dealt with the reception of Lucan as a model of republican authorship by two seventeenth-century English republicans, Lucy Hutchinson and Algernon Sydney. Besides Lucan, I am interested in Latin elegy, early modern classical reception, concepts of the republic, and time and narrative in literature. My article "The Elements of Slaughter: On a Prophetic Acrostic in Lucan, Bellum Civile 7.153-158" appeared in Classical Philology (January 2021). I enjoy working across methodologies and disciplines, bringing disparate areas of study into conversation with each other.


In my free time, I sew and crochet, play the fiddle, and volunteer with my church. I enjoy reading and am especially a science fiction fan.