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Grace DeAngelis

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I graduated from Northwestern University in 2023 with a BA in Classics, concentrating in both Greek and Latin. In my senior honors thesis (‘Luna regit menses: Pregnancy and the lunar calendar in Ovid’s Fasti’), I examined the motifs of pregnancy and a ten-month lunar calendar in the Fasti and argued that Ovid employs them as metaphors for the poem’s generic tension (epic vs. elegiac poetry).

My research interests lie in the intersection of literature and lived reality. I enjoy synthesizing material and textual evidence to explore how an author’s literary and linguistic choices reflect his sociopolitical and material environment. I have published several papers in which I use this approach to investigate both literary and epigraphic texts (Animus; Aesthesis). The concept of genre in antiquity is also of particular interest to me. I am excited to explore these areas and more in my first year at Princeton.