Joshua Billings
Joshua Billings
Assistant Professor of Classics
Greek Literature and Language
Intellectual History
Reception Studies


034A East Pyne Building
Office Hours: 
On leave Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Selected Publications

Joshua Billings


I studied Classics, German, and Comparative Literature at Harvard and Oxford. Before coming to Princeton in 2015, I held a research fellowship at Cambridge, and taught at Yale for three years.

My research focuses on ancient Greek literature and philosophy and modern intellectual history, with a particular concentration on tragedy. After a first book on modern conceptions of tragedy and the tragic (Genealogy of the Tragic: Greek Tragedy and German Philosophy, Princeton 2014), I am now working on fifth-century (BCE) drama and intellectual culture. The project is provisionally entitled “Enlightenment on Stage” and it focuses on drama’s presentation of mythical figures as a reflection of the so-called “Attic Enlightenment.” Dramatic and (broadly) philosophical texts alike, I argue, use the stories of myth to explore common conceptual issues; unfolding this entails a method that recognizes the distinctive significance that myth has for thought in fifth-century culture.

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