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Joshua Billings

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I studied Classics, German, and Comparative Literature at Harvard and Oxford. Before coming to Princeton in 2015, I held a research fellowship at Cambridge, and taught at Yale for three years.

My research focuses on ancient Greek literature and philosophy and modern intellectual history, with a particular concentration on tragedy. After a first book on modern conceptions of tragedy and the tragic (Genealogy of the Tragic: Greek Tragedy and German Philosophy, Princeton 2014), I am now working on a study of fifth-century (BCE) drama and intellectual culture provisionally entitled The Philosophical Stage: Drama and Dialectic in Classical Athens, which will be published by Princeton in 2021. In the book, I read drama as intellectual history, using scenic forms as a bridge between different works and genres to recover philosophical conversation before the institution of philosophy as a discipline. In addition, I am co-editing the Cambridge Companion to the Sophists (with Christopher Moore) and working on articles on Euripides' Bacchae and Nietzsche's philology.

I teach courses in Greek language and literature, classical reception, as well as in modern intellectual history and critical theory. I am happy to hear from students with interests in these areas. I am committed to extending the university's educational mission beyond its student body and immediate surroundings, and teach regularly through the Prison Teaching Initiative.

To make appointments for office hours please use the WASE appointment system.