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Grace Collins '21

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Grace Collins (they/them) is a senior from Camden-Wyoming, Delaware studying quantitative and analytical Politics. They are earning a certificate in Ancient Roman Language and Culture, in addition to a certificate in African Studies. On campus, they are an active musician, singing with the Glee Club and the Katzenjammers. They are also highly active with the Pace Center's Service Focus program, having served as a Junior Cohort Fellow, a COVID-19 Response Project Mentor, and an incoming Senior Cohort Fellow. Additionally, they are a member of the Princeton Debate Panel. Previously, they served as the president of The American Whig-Cliosophic Society, the nation's oldest collegiate political and debating society and the hub of politics on Princeton's campus. In the future, they hope to earn a Ph.D. in Political Science and explore their research interests in the politics of development in East Africa. Though their studies at Princeton have indeed taken them far away from Ancient Rome, their knowledge of the Classics has equipped them with a strong background in the humanities, an interest in social history, and a passion for learning about other cultures that will always inform their career in the social sciences in unique and important ways.