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Richard Hutchins *19

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I grew up in Virginia and received an undergraduate degree in Commerce with a specialization in advertising and graphic design from the University of Virginia. While working in Washington, D.C. for two years as a Creative, I taught myself Greek and Latin. I then left the corporate world to spend a summer at U.T. Austin’s summer intensive Greek course. I spent one year at UNC-Chapel Hill and the next as a Post-Bac at the University of Pennsylvania, before studying for two years at Washington University in St. Louis in puruit of a Master’s degree in Classics, where I wrote a Master’s thesis on Neoplatonic commentaries to Plato’s Alcibiades.

As a graduate student in the Classical Philosophy program at Princeton, I focus mainly on Epicurus, Lucretius, the Presocratics, and their reception both in antiquity and in literature from the Renaissance to Modernity. Given time, I drink coffee, buys books, and drink coffee. But I never buy coffee, I make it. I also love dachsunds, Sir Thomas Browne, and Smyth.