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Hanna Gołąb *17

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I received my MA summa cum laude from the University of Warsaw and joined the Classics department at Princeton in 2012. In December 2017 I successfully defended my doctoral project titled Postclassical Choral Performances. As a recipient of Dean’s Completion Fellowship I was appointed a Postgraduate Research Associate at Princeton. During this time I will teach a course on performance in the ancient world, and work towards my book manuscript. It will be the first monograph on the postclassical Greek chorality, encompassing Hellenistic and Roman Imperial choral practice until the beginning of the Late Antique period. This project demonstrates that, contrary to the common opinion, ancient choruses remained an integral part of the daily life of the ancient Greeks after the Late Classical age. Through those performances the participants could give meaning to the landscapes around them, entertain themselves at carnivalesque intervals of freedom, and define and perform the cultural and political identity of their community. This work brings to light ritual choral poetry preserved in the extant epigraphic and papyrological material, which so far has not been fully incorporated in the study of ancient Greek literature. It also contributes to our understanding of the new roles that performative Greek culture took on in the postclassical age, which is often considered to be an age of literariness and written word rather than orality. My other recent work includes explorations in cognitive theory and theoretical approaches to ancient audiences and spectating.