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Emily Hulme Kozey *19

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I joined the Ph.D. program at Princeton in 2013 after completing my B.A. at Stanford and my M.A. at the University of Arizona. I am a member of the Program in Classical Philosophy and have broad interests in the Greek philosophical tradition.

My dissertation focuses on the techne theme in the Platonic dialogues. Why would an elite (and elitist) Athenian writer refer to cobblers and sculptors dozens of times, and in every manner of philosophical argument? Why would he portray his philosophical hero as the son of Daidalos, and why would he describe the god of craft, Hephaistos, as philosophical? I argue he used insights from techne in order to differentiate Platonic philosophy from the practices of his educational rivals, the sophists, as well as his philosophical rivals, the Presocratic natural philosophers.