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Prentice Lecture (2024) - Patrice Rankine - Theater and Crisis

Faber Lecture (2024) - Kurt Smolak - "Flentem Dicere Verum" On non-satirical Latin Satires

Fagles Lecture 2023 - A.E. Stallings - "Homer's Hippiad"

AI@Princeton: Barbara Graziosi PLI Launch Talk

Prentice Lecture - Karen ní Mheallaigh - "The Moon and the Map in the Ancient World"

Rebecca Flemming - Galen on Race, Health and Disease: Medicine and Empire in the Roman World

Fagles Lecture - Kamila Shamise, Antigone of Pakistan

Fagles Lecture - Mary Alice Zimmerman

Chris van den Berg Lecture - Forecast Eyes: Rhythm, Vision, and Philosophy in Cicero's Orator

Roger Bagnall: Roman Names and Roman Citizenship in Egypt

Faber Lectures

Prentice Lectures

Mythmaking: Celebrating the Work of Froma I. Zeitlin

Conference held in honor of Froma I. Zeitlin on May 8, 2010.

Subjects of Empire: Political and Cultural Exchange in Imperial Rome.