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"Epic Vulnerability: Anchises in the Aeneid"

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April 5, 2022

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This event is open to Princeton faculty, staff and students.

In person attendance requires on-site registration and face coverings.

To attend virtually click here for the zoom registration link.


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James Uden, Boston University


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
East Pyne 010 and via Zoom


One of the best-known images from Roman culture is that of one man carrying another. What values might the scene of Aeneas carrying Anchises have encapsulated for Roman audiences? This talk re-examines Virgil’s representation of Anchises, arguing that the character and his body should not be regarded merely as a pretext for illustrating the virtues of the son. Virgil’s representation of Anchises establishes physical vulnerability and dependence upon others, not just filial duty or strength, as a foundation for social relationships at Rome.