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Beyond the Academy

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Our Purpose

The "Beyond the Academy" project is a series of remote interview podcasts that features individuals who studied Classics at university, many of whom have advanced degrees, and ended up pursuing careers outside of tenure-track academia. The project believes that the discipline and influence of Classics is not merely confined to the walls of the university, and aims to show the exciting Classics work that is being done outside of the professoriate. Our featured interviewees have risen to the top of their fields outside of the academy and still draw from their Classics training in their work, and through it, engage with and give back to the field. We hope that our interviews will not only entertain but also inspire students and lovers of Classics to think about how Classics can be useful in various fields of work and to be more creative with their training inside or outside of the academy.

Charlotte Higgins

Antonia Karaisl

Tabitha Tuckett

James Wiley

Donna Zuckerberg

Natalie Haynes

John Bracey

Mai Musié

Daniel Mendelsohn

J. Michael Padgett

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