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'Rupturing Tradition': Classics at the Innovation Forum

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September 14, 2020


This September, the Humanities Council will partner with the Keller Center to showcase humanities and social science innovation at the annual Innovation Forum. This is the first time since its inception in 2005 that the Forum will feature Princeton’s humanities and social science community.

The inaugural participants include Classics professors Brooke Holmes and Dan-el Padilla Peralta, who will join Laurence Ralph (Anthropology), Effie Rentzou (French and Italian), and computer scientists Preeti Iyer and Kyle Barnes to present on innovations with potential cultural and societal applications outside of campus gates.

Professors Padilla Peralta and Holmes will present on their ongoing project 'Rupturing Tradition,' which experiments with the form of the graduate seminar to lay the groundwork for new communities of knowledge production around the Greco-Roman world that are premised on the full inclusion of all of their practitioners. The experimental seminar at the core of the project is being offered this semester. 

Professors Holmes and Padilla Peralta say that they envision the enactment of new configurations of knowledge drawn from inside and outside the academy, with an eye to reimagining the scope and practice of a public, global humanities. 

"What form would this take? We aren't yet sure: a new field in the spirit of the "open field" (a term developed by Brooke Holmes and Constanze Güthenke in a jointly-authored essay produced out of the Postclassicisms collaboration), a new department, a new university?"

The project is team-taught by Professors Holmes and Padilla Peralta, alongside founding members of the Activist Graduate School, Chiara Ricciardone and Micah White.