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November 12, 2017

With a critical and engaging introduction to the reception studies of Victorian Classical reception studies, Shane Butler’s November 9, 2017 lecture, “The Youth of Antiquity,” kicked off a workshop on Classics in Queer Time, where students and scholars discussed queer temporality and its place in Classical reception.

Not Composed in a Chance Manner book cover
November 7, 2017

Not Composed in a Chance Manner: The Epitaphios for Manuel I Komnenos by Eustathios of Thessalonike is now out in hardcover. This edition and study of one of the longest and most ambitious political eulogies of the Byzantine era illustrates the potential of neglected medieval Greek texts to shed light on the elusive poetics of Byzantine literature.

November 6, 2017

We were delighted to learn that Daniel Mendelsohn, who received his doctorate in Classics in 1994, has been awarded one of the two most distinguished honors Princeton bestows on alumni, the Madison Medal. Daniel’s accomplishments as a writer, critic, and scholar inspire pride and gratitude in equal measure. We are very fortunate that someone with his gifts has demonstrated the many ways in which classical texts transform the lives of their readers.  

Image of Mark Janse
October 23, 2017

Strabo may have called the Cappadocians Βαρβαροφωνοι (“Barbarous speakers”), but Mark Janse’s discussion on October 23, 2017 of a Late Medieval Cappadocian song made the dialect seem anything but foreign.

Alice Oswald
October 18, 2017

Alice Oswald visited Princeton on October 2–4, 2017 as the speaker for the first Robert Fagles Lecture for Classics in the Contemporary Arts. Oswald’s love of the Classics and her deft, thoughtful, and welcoming treatment of Homer’s work strike many of the same notes as Robert Fagles’ translations. By giving these works life, putting long-winged phrases back into the air, Oswald demonstrates the unbroken connection we have with the ancient world.

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