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Professor Barbara Graziosi's "Homer" Gifted to Trustees

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January 20, 2019


At the Jan. 19 meeting of the board of trustees of Princeton University, President Eisgruber presented each attendee with a copy of Professor Barbara Graziosi's Homer (OUP 2016), signed by the author. The president has made a tradition of presenting the trustees with a recent book by a faulty member at each board meeting and selected Professor Graziosi's concise introduction to Homeric poetry for this meeting. The book was acclaimed in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review as "not only an accurate critical evaluation of Homeric studies for the benefit of scholars, but also a valuable and accessible introduction to the subject for non-specialist readers," making it an excellent selection to let the wider university community know what sorts of scholarship are being produced by the Classics department on campus. This book will see paperback publication later this year as part of OUP's lauded Very Short Introduction series.