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Marc Domingo Gygax to join Oxford as visiting research fellow

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October 1, 2021


Princeton Classics professor Marc Domingo Gygax will join Oxford's Corpus Christi college as a visiting research fellow this year. 

Professor Gygax is Director of the Program in the Ancient World at Princeton. While at Corpus, and during two subsequent terms at Merton and Wadham, he will conduct research on the status of non-citizens in the poleis of Hellenistic Asia Minor. In particular, he will be studying the factors that determined the exclusion of certain individuals from citizenship rights within Greek cities, the strategies pursued by cities to incorporate such people into the community, the efforts of non-citizens themselves at integration, and the hierarchies existing within this sector of population.

Professor Gygax works on Greek history, Greek epigraphy, and ancient and modern historiography. He is the author of Untersuchungen zu den lykischen Gemeinwesen in klassischer und hellenistischer Zeit (2001), Benefaction and Rewards in the Ancient Greek City: The Origins of Euergetism (2016, co-winner of the Runciman Award) and co-editor (with Arjan Zuiderhoek) of Benefactors and the Polis: The Public Gift in the Greek Cities from the Homeric World to Late Antiquity (2020).