Message from the Chair

Andrew Feldherr, Department Chair, Professor of Classics

Welcome to our website — we hope you will find it useful and easy to navigate.

The Department of Classics investigates the history, language, literature, and thought of ancient Greece and Rome. We use the perspectives of multiple disciplines to understand and imagine the diversity of these civilizations over almost two thousand years and to reflect on what the classical past has meant to later ages, and to our own. Our small classes provide students an opportunity for individualized attention, and collaborative research. International travel is incorporated into our curriculum, and we also offer funding for summer study abroad.

We invite you to continue exploring our website — here you will read about the exciting work being done by our students and faculty, including ongoing research and classroom opportunities. You will find news, announcements of upcoming events, and the recent accomplishments of members of our community. Students can get information about course offerings and program requirements, as well as how best to get in touch with us.

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