THE PRINCETON CLASSICS DEPARTMENT investigates the history, language, literature, and thought of ancient Greece and Rome. We use the perspectives of multiple disciplines to understand and imagine the diversity of these civilizations over almost two thousand years and to reflect on what the classical past has meant to later ages, and to our own.

Reading Series

Greece is both a physical location and an imagined space. The gap or continuity between the two has been a pressing question since antiquity, and addressing it an urgent political, theoretical, and aesthetic issue.

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Faculty Publication

Professor Harriet Flower’s book, The Dancing Lares and the Serpent in the Garden: Religion at the Roman Street Corner, is now available in hardcover.

Amy Richlin speaking with audience in foreground
Lecture Video

Amy Richlin lecture video

On September 21, Amy Richlin (UCLA) delivered the annual Faber Lecture, titled “Blackface and Drag in Early Roman Comedy”. The video recording of the lecture is now available online.