THE HISTORIAN HERODOTUS gives us one of the earliest account of the motives behind inquiry and discovery: “lest what humanity has brought forth fade away and great and wondrous deeds lose their fame”. That quality of wonder lies at the beginning of every intellectual commitment. more

Luuk de Boer
Graduate Student Award

Congratulations to Luuk de Boer on being awarded the Donald and Mary Hyde Academic Year Research Fellowship for 2018–19. Luuk plans to use the fellowship to enter the first stage of his doctoral research in legal papyrology. He intends to study in Paris, which offers a wealth of possibilities.

Image of vases
Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Betts Auditorium

Visual images and other manufactured goods from the archaic and early Classical period variously combine weaving, cloth-working and the textiles they generate with choruses engaged in song and danc…

Daniel Mendelsohn
Alumnae/i news

“…we can circle back to James Madison and the extent to which he was molded by his deep readings in the classics as an undergraduate at college. For Madison knew that our word ‘civility’ flowers out of the Latin ‘civis,’ which means ‘citizen.’ To be civil is, therefore, literally to engage in a deeply important activity: to engage in behavior appropriate to a free citizen, to commit oneself to speech and action duly sensitive to your fellow citizens.”

Joshua Katz
Faculty Award

Joshua Katz has received a prestigious “Chaire Internationale 2018” from the Laboratoire d’excellence “Fondaments Empiriques de la Linguistique” in Paris and will be giving a series of four seminars in January–February 2018 on the subject “Marginal Linguistic Phenomena.”

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